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You will realize that no matter how a film is, where you see it will affect your experience as well as level of fun. The movie theater can range from buttery gold popcorn Good to pre-scented., fuzzy screen terrible. Boston movie theater has maintained old fashioned character through the agitated digital age, as most of theaters are forcefully closing down. The theater have received community support as well as financial support to protect the digital equipment like screen game players, meanwhile maintaining their wonderful good look.

 5 Best Boston Movie Theaters 

 Coolidge Corner Theater 

Since the year 1933 this famous landmark in Brookline has held enough series of events designing to keep any cinephine laughing from one ear to another. You just grab a bear or any other drink of your choice and a packet of popped corns and see an amazing big screen classic like the Wizard of Oz in theaters again. For any scaryhorror movie fan, October is your time just go for the yearly all night long Halloween Horror Movies.

 Somerville Theater

This one is one of the Boston’s most unique plaves for your entertainment since it features both stage and screen production. Well, old tried and true, Davis Square Somerville theater opened with vaudeville in the year 1914 went movie only during the depression, and later became one of the first theaters in the area to sell wine and beer. You can find joy and satisfaction in many other places but in the Harpoon Munich Dark.

 Capitol Theater

Offering a reason rather than just watching high school football to venture into Arlington, this venerable old spot maintains six screens (three of which are REAL-D3D) can seat 1600 people and over the objection of folks in town- finally started pouring beer and wine last summer. The charm has continuously entertained the area since 1925, with a unique focus on the moment movies that are family-friendly.

 Kendall Square Cinema

This movie sanctuary is the youngest in Boston . It is the best place to catch the best 3 D Hollywood blockbusters; this is because it maintains its vanguard of techniques, concepts especially in the arts field for a long period of time showing hard to find underground films together with documentaries. It can give you a perfect combination of a dinner and a movie evening at your best comfort zone.

 Brattle Theater

This was at the beggining a stage theater, the city’s self proclaimed not formal film school since 1953. It is now growing in popularity for housing foreign and art house films audiences. It’s also praised for showing films with cultural themes that are rejected and can’t be shown elsewhere. It’s also where Boston underground film festivals are held.

 These are the best Boston movie theaters that feature everything ranging from first run movies to Indie films, foreign language movies to art movies and lots in between. In addition Boston’s large number of traditional movie theater, museum and universities provide additional venues for film buffs. Take the Boston movie mile walking tour and explore the most filmed area in Boston. This unique walking tour of Boston common and Beacon Hill will guide you through the places you’ve seen on screen and get to turn them into a reality.

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