If you are a movie lover and a traveler you would love to visit the places that many famous movies were shot in. Here is a list of real places where movies where shot and you can visit.


The Firehouse from Ghostbuster

Although the Ghostbuster movie was shown to be shot in New York but the actual interiors where taken from a firehouse in Los Angeles. It is located in 225 E. 5th Street. Fire Station #24. In 1960s the place was declared a Historic Cultural Monument.

Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard

Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard

Die Hard Fans know this place well in the movie but his place was actually shot at a Fox Plaza. Despite the building was under-construction at that point it is done and ready now. You can also see this place in movies like speed, airheads, fight clubs.


The house form A Christmas Story

The film was based in Indiana but the exterior of the house was shot in Cleveland Ohio. This home is located in the neighbourhood of Tremount 3159 W. 11th street. This place is open to the public and although the interior may have a very different look from the film.


OCP Headquarters from Robocop

The movie Robocop was set in Detroit but the headquarters was actually situated in Dallas City Hall where they used matte painting to make the building look taller.

The Hotel from The Grand Budapest


The Hotel from The Grand Budapest

The hotel in the Grand Budapest was inspired by a departmental store Gorlitzer Warenhaus. The shot took place in the replica of as the producer made everything from scratch for the destruction part of the movie.


Yavin IV from Star Wars

A star wars fan? You can actually visit the Massassi Outpost rebel base on the fourth moon of Yavin in the Original Star wars. It is actually the remains of a Mayan temple in Guatemala. The director actually chose the place while he saw a poster of the place.


The Tribute Training Center from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The shooting for the tribute training center was actually done The Marriott Marquis Hotel at the 265 Peachtree Center Avenue NE, Atlanta This is one of the largest atrium and has beautiful glass elevators on the 10th floor and the set was built on the roof of the hotel.

Subterranean pool from 127 Hours

Subterranean pool from 127 Hours

In the movie you see Aron Ralston who meets two other hikers and they jump into a Subterranean pool. In reality the pool is actually a natural hot spring location in Midway, Utah. You can enjoy your time at the pool just like the actors except for jumping inside the pool for safety reasons of course.