Woodman's this Week

Due to the unseasonal rain we’ve been getting, Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups had to move filming to Woodman’s of Essex all this week — two months ahead of schedule. Those of you familiar with Woodman’s will know that it’s the best place on earth to get fried clams, and they are also the inventors of the seafood treat.

Woodman’s website reveals that this is the first time in 95 years that they have ever closed their doors. A message on the site explains, “The torrential rain predicted for the next few days has caused many people, including Hollywood, to do some last minute rescheduling. Woodman’s of Essex was contacted early this morning and asked by producers if they could start setting the stage tonight. Originally the restaurant had planned to close their doors in early August.

“They needed a spot to do some indoor shooting in order to stay on schedule. It was short notice for sure and we’ve been scrambling all morning,” Maureen Woodman explained. “But we figure it is better to close on three rainy days in June than three nice days in August even if we don’t have much lead time.”

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