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Moviegoers have Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) to thank for all those wonderful images and scenes they see in films. Some of these images are not even real. We can see actors interacting in three-dimensional space in places and even with creatures that do not exist. Many films use a mix of models and CGI to create faux realities. The first “Jurassic Park” film used CGI and animated dinosaur models. The ill triceratops that Laura Dern and Sam Neil’s characters interacted with was a life-size animatronic model. In fact, “Jurassic Park” utilized CGI, stop-motion animation, animatronic models and even actors inside velociraptor puppets to pull off the realistic scenes that make the film a landmark event in recreating things on film that no longer exist in our world.

Though there have been projects that preceded it, the 1973 film “Westworld,” starring Yul Brynner, is likely the first commercially successful film to use computer graphics to create something not there. Yul Brynner played a robot gunslinger in a futuristic theme park world that goes haywire when humanoid robots begin killing guests. The first-person view of Brynner’s robot character was done using computer graphics. TRON , was the first film to actually create characters made by computer that both look and move like human beings. It is expected that a later generation of CGI technology combined with the ability to computer generate voices will be able to entirely replace some human characters in movies of the future.You thought this was good?

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